Desynchronised: Your Ancestor Did Not Kill the Hype (Ubisoft need to show more confidence in ASSASSIN’S CREED)

WARNING: Mild spoilers for the ASSASSIN’S CREED video games in this post. Major spoilers for the video games in the Wikipedia links. Lately, it’s hard being a Ubisoft fan/defender. Recent years have seen the once ambitious and innovative game developing company overhyping their upcoming releases only to churn out enjoyable but ultimately disappointing final results. Consequently […]

Michael, B. Smart

I was initially tempted to call this post Michael B. Jordan: How Much Is Fox Paying You To Write This Crap? figuring that the FANTASTIC FOUR marketing/damage control had kicked into second gear now that its August release is fast approaching. But it’s possible he really is that naïve seeing as, undoubtedly, there will be […]